Let's Fly Together With NBA!!!-NBA37 Cpt.abush635

Q: What is a virtual airline?

A: A virtual airline is an online community that allows pilots using FSX to submit full IFR or VFR flight details to a company manager who will put this details in the company records.


Q: How to contact the owners? 

A: Either add them on skype(eugene.david1903) or talk to them on the teamspeak server(


Q: What is the teamspeak server ip?



Q: How do I track my flight? 

A: Download FSCloud and install the FSCloud Virtual Airlines app and find Northern Baltic Airlines.


Q: How did you come up with the name NBA?

A: NBA was originally called Northern Baltic Army, a faction we made during my Minecraft years, now we decided to make it an airline, thus became Northern Baltic Airlines

Q: Why are you shutting down?

A: Our administration was in chaos and our staff was totally inactive, for now we are declaring Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.


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